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    Trying to place a parameter in the page shelf

    Gerard Callan

      I have an Integer Parameter with a range from 1 to 100 and a step of 5.  This parameter is used in numerous created calculations. 


      I would like to build the following:


      • a stacked bar chart with two of the aforementioned created calculations stacked and...
      • the Parameter in the Page Shelf ...
      • with 'show history' checked so i can show how the bar chart changes as the parameter steps through its range 1 to 100..
      • and the parameter also in the column shelf so it tracks across to the right...
      • and essentially creates a side by side by side etc comparison of the created calculations at different levels of the parameter. 


      Is this possible?  I cant seem to put a parameter into the Page Shelf.  Is there a work around?


      Thank you for any and all help!