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    Level of Detail Issue

    Chris Turnbull



      In the attached workbook I have a little issue whereby when I place a field on the Level of Detail shelf it changes my numbers.


      The Aim is to click on a Cell and bring up the list of student associated via an action with the chosen grade for the Current Subject eg:


      I want to show all students that have current grade of a B that are doing Biology - (current grade field is called cmg) - The Cell is showing that there are 24 of them.


      I would hover over the cell  or click in the cell to bring up the Action Menu and choose Show Students - This would then take me to the KS4 Student Subject View where I can see those 24 Students.  That is what is supposed to happen.


      In the past to enable me to do this I would simply add the cmg field to the level of detail column and create the action and that would work.


      If I do that now the predicted grade sum (pmg) which is the bottom number changes and I cannot workout why.


      What do I need to do to enable me to fulfil my task


      Thanks  Chris.

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          Chris Turnbull



          I have worked out that when placing the cmg grade on the Detail Shelf it is affecting the pmg numbers because tableau is changing the number to show where cmg = pmg.


          This baffles me because my understanding of the Details shelf was that anything placed on there did not have any affect but made that field available for use with Actions.


          Has something changed in V8 or am I just mistaken.


          Any help appreciated.