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    Dashboard filter action do not working in some situation

    Jeff Zhang

      HI all,


      I have a report which has 2 sheets. One is the histogram, the other is the raw data. I create a filter action that if I select one bin in the histogram。

      then the other sheet should display the corresponding raw data. But it only works in some situation (0%, 50%, 100% etc.) but won't work in other bins.

      It's very weird to me, and I could not find out what's wrong in my reports, could you help me on that ? Thanks. ( attach the reports )


      As the following shows, I could make the action filter show in the filter panel. And if I select "0" bin in the dashboard, and then return to price raw sheet, the value "0" in the action filter is automatically selected. But If select "10%" bin in the dashboard and then back to price raw sheet, the value "0.1" in the action filter is not selected automatically. This is very weird.



      In this report, I let user could dynamic change the bin size ,bin max & bin min by using parameter. ( this is a little complicated for you maybe)