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    The Calendar Workbook Collection


      My Motivation

      Following Calendar view of EOM into FOM aroused an old passion from the 90's to develop automatic calendar creation in Word & Excel. This motivated me to make my first calendar in Tableau, see attached, and then came the idea of finding other examples, which is not easy, which then led my thoughts toward having a centralized collection of calendar workbooks.




      Johan Calendar #1: National Flag Days Calendar

      This calendar shows one month plus smaller view of previous & next 3 months.


      For private use it would be fun to replace the flags with photos of family & friends showing anniversaries such as birthdays and wedding days.



      Flag files are downloaded from http://icondrawer.com/free.php and then added as custom shapes
      Flag days are found in Flag Day - Wikipedia


      Johan Calendar #2: Public Holidays In Faroe Islands

      This calendar shows a whole calendar year with all public holidays, both fixed and those moving with Easter Sunday.



      Please feel welcomed & encouraged to share your own calendars and improve those already shared.



      See also collection of questions, resources, and ideas about calendars in:

      The Calendar & Timetable Question Collection

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