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    How can I filter on a sum calculated for a time span by unique ID?

    Kevin MacDonell

      In the sample I've posted here, I have count(distinct) of [ID] on the Text shelf. ('Distinct' because my source data includes multiple transactions per customer ID.) I would like to identify or filter on whether a customer's total purchases in any given fiscal year are $1,000 or more. That's the challenge ... An ID might be a $1K customer in one fiscal year, but not in another.


      The first tab is the unfiltered customer counts, and the second tab is just a duplicate with a different title.


      To this point, I have been exporting a table of IDs with their sum of sales by fiscal year, and then using that table as a second (aggregated) data source. But I'm tired of that and I want to have Tableau do the work.


      I have investigated all sorts of possibilities, but can't figure out how to make it work.