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    How to bring multiple Excel files into Tableau as one connection?

    Siraj Samsudeen

      I am trying to import a number of Excel files which are exported from an Oracle database. Each one of these files contain data about one table. Some of them are primary tables like Item, Purchase Order but some of them are secondary/lookup tables containing category descriptions, department names, etc.. I have about 15 such tables. Right now, in Tableau, I have to import them one by one and then use data blending to create the relationships between them. What I want to do is to import all of these files under a single connection and list them as they are coming from the source (In reality, they are coming from the same source) and then I want to create the relationships in advance of creating any visualization. Is it possible to do this in Tableau?


      One hack that I have found is to combine all the above Excelsheets into one Excelsheet and then import that as a datasource - in that case, I am able to see them as one source and define joins in advance. But this means more manual work for me each time the data is refreshed - I have to combine these files manually to feed them to Tableau. Any other possibilities?

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