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    Is it possible to delete certain data from Extract?

    Piyush Kumar

      I have a extract and I use incremental refresh to update week level data, and I want only last 5 weeks of data to be present there. When I update this for 6th week data it will have data for 6 weeks but now I don't want 1st week data to be present there. So how to delete it?

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          Russell Christopher

          You may not delete data from an extract.


          If you're willing to use a full extract (vs. incremental) you can apply a relative date filter so that it only grabs the last X weeks of data, therefore you'll get a rolling window.


          Some people will combine two refresh schedules with a relative context filter on the viz or data source itself to enforce last x weeks. Here's how it works:


          • Add a "last 5 weeks" filter to the data source itself - now you'll only see last 5 weeks, even if there are 6 or 7 weeks of data in the extract
          • Use a nightly incremental extract to add more data. By the end of the week you'll have 6 weeks of data
          • Use a weekly FULL refresh to start again - 5 weeks.


          Hope this helps!