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    How to filter with in a calculated field

    Matt Bechard



      I am Using tableau 8 working with an oracle table.  The table is for web performance and has both performance metrics (response time) and page hits that are stored in the same table.  When reporting on response time I need to filter by a field called  [Message_Type] and message type needs to =0.  For reporting on Page hits, I need to filter on [Message_Type ]= 1.


      Up until now, I have just created separate sheets for each and made a dashboard. Is there a way I can display both fields side by side.  Is there a way to make a calculated field to display both properly? 


      I would imagine it would look something like this.


      Avg(rtime) where [Message_Type]=0   is used with response time

      CNT(page_hits)  where [Message_Type]=1  is used with Page Hits. 



      The end result would be one sheet looking something like this

      NameAvg response time
      Page Hits
      helloworld.html1.2 seconds56