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    Blending two (extract) data sources from Tableau Server 8 in Desktop Professional

    Jim Thompson

      I'm having a "problem" blending two Data Sources from Tableau Server Version 8 in Desktop Professional. They happen to both be extracts behind the scenes at the Server's Data Engine level...


      There is a linking field (automatically performed by Tableau- ie same name) between the two data sets. If I start with simple items on the Rows Shelf from the Primary source (including the linking field) and have a totaled amount, I can certainly drop a field from the second data source onto the Rows shelf, but then things get unexpectedly wonky!


      Here's the problem: if there is a match in the blended data source, the amounts disappear!? If the field is null then my amounts remain. huh?!? (See screenshots). I have tried changing the linking field from a Dimension to an Attribute, but this does not help...


      Has anyone else experienced this? Am I doing something wrong? Or a workaround?!? This seems so straight forward that I'm baffled why this doesn't work...


      Or, is there a fundamental flaw in my understanding here?!?


      thanks for any help!