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    Help with Manual Percentage of Total Calculation


      Hi there,


      What I'm ultimately trying to do is show multiple labels on a pie chart that I've created - This reference material is fantastic but I'm not sure how to write out one of the manual calculations:




      I work at a company that has multiple Business Units. Every quarter my department invests X amount of dollars into each Business Unit. Ultimately what I'm trying to display in my Pie Chart is:


      1. For Q2, how much money did we invest in each Business Unit (easy to do, I pulled in the SUM of our total quarterly investment, did a Quick Calculation so that the investment per BU is a little piece of the pie):




      So I have the Investment by BU, which is great, and the Pie shows the % of that investment compared to total investment... But now I want to show:


      2. Next to the absolute $ value of the investment what the % value is. I am sure I can do it following the Tableau directions, but I'm not sure what the manual calculation would be that I would type in to update the label. For example, I can see that BU 2 was allocated about 50% of the total investment - I would like to show the $3.8 mil dollar amount next to the % allocation.


      Thanks for your help!