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    Connecting to Sharepoint lists with ODATA

    Shafi Mohammad

      Hello Everybody,


      I'm a newbie to tableau. My concern is regarding connection to SharePoint lists using tableau.

      I've gone through the below KB to connect to SharePoint lists using odata.


      Could anyone please elaborate on the below point?

      Tableau does not support or test OData connections to SharePoint list data. This article is intended to provide general guidance on particular configurations, which might allow Tableau to connect to SharePoint list data using OData.

      Does this mean that tableau doesn't support connecting to SharePoint lists using ODATA however it might work or doesn't work?


      I have tried to connect to a SharePoint list using ODATA and I have the below questions.


      1. I've observed the only way the connection gets established is through extract. Is there a way where we could use live data connection?

      2. While publishing a view to the tableau server, in the Scheduling and Authentication section, we have "Server Run As account" as the only Authentication option available and the others like prompting for password(prompt user, embed password) is not available. Is this something that relates to the data source limitation?

      3. Since it is extract data to which tableau connects, what would be the location for this extract file?

      4. Since it is extract data, I believe we need to create a schedule for the extract refresh. Could anyone please confirm about the same?


      The below discussion gives an idea of a live connect. Would this help? Please advise.



      Could anyone please suggest the most efficient way to connect Tableau to SharePoint (including scenarios where list data may have to be joined) such that data can be refreshed as efficiently/automatically as possible?


      Appreciate your help in this regard.


      Thanks in advance,