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    Hiding null values in tooltip

    Kartina Sugihara

      I'm working on an election map where the number of candidates for every constituencies is uneven i.e. most have 2 candidates, some up to 6 and 7. The problem is that in the tooltip, I can't hide the null values for the constituencies with less than 7 candidates, so the tooltip box becomes unnecessarily long for those areas. But I can't remove the marks for the constituency with 7 candidates because then the constituency will lose the candidates' data.


      I've also tried separating the data i.e. making 7 different tables based on the number of candidates and joining the data together - hoping that the constituencies with 1 candidate will only show data for 1 candidate, and the constituency with 7 candidates will show data for 7 candidates - but the map becomes distorted.


      I've referred to this thread but the workaround isn't available anymore.


      Any idea how to do this? Many thanks in advance.