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    Stored Procedure As Data Source (?)

    Daniel  Paduck



      I am very green to Tableau but an experienced SQL Server Developer.  A suggested best practice using SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) is to have the data set be populate from a stored proc. Thus, you can pass parameters to the stored proc, do your business logic, etc.  Is there anything close to doing this in Tableau?  


      Ideally, what I would want is to have the users select parameters from the report and then have the stored proc be called and re populate the dataset. 


      The only thing close that I was able to do is repopulate a custom table with all the data that the stored proc might return and then have Tableau slice and dice it. 


      IDK, just seems a bit odd that Tableau does not support data from a stored procedure since stored procs are optimized in SQL Server and also promote code reuse.