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    Symbol map by region?

    Steve Myles

      I'm trying to create a map that shows both filled regions (e.g., groups of states or countries) and symbols.


      I have the region-or-state roll-up working, similar to this thread and I'm using the helpful info. from this thread to get the labels correct at the region/state level.  I'm trying to add a second axis (duplicating Longitude) with symbols but they don't roll-up to the region level - regardless of the "region or state" parameter, each country's symbol remains on the country rather than aggregating up.


      Is there a way to do this?

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          Shawn Wallwork

          Steve the behavior you are describing is.... hmmm, what word to use ... expected? by design? a Tableau limitation? Whatever, you're pushing up against the Tableau mapping limits. There are 'tricks' that can get you closer to your goal, but they may involve lots of work, and a lowering of expectations, sorry to say. Post a packaged workbook, with dummy data and I'm sure the Tableau Mapping community will help get you a few steps closer. But please note what I said about expectations.



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            Steve Myles

            Thanks, Shawn.  I'll keep working with what I've got and will post a dummy workbook if I can't get any further.

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              Noel Avison

              They way to get around this would be creating a new field in the data. So say you want to want to have filled maps with groups of states like midwest, west coast, east coast etc. And you want to overlay one pie chart for each group. The problem you are having is that when you overlay the pie chart, it overlays it on each state as opposed to region correct? Well to get around this you can make a new field. That defines an entire region as one state. Say for example you make the field and select California for all the states in West Coast group. Now you overlay the pie chart in as this new field and it will aggregate all the data up for west coast and display the pie chart over California. All you have to do is pick one state for each group of states and the pie chart for that region will appear over that state. Post some dummy data and I can produce and example for you.

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                Steve Myles

                This works, thanks!  I should have thought of this.