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      Request for Deletion

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          Joshua Milligan



          I really like the idea of the calendar!


          I worked on the formatting a little and posted a workbook so you can see what I did.  Basically I used the concept of a highlight table (there's one in the Show Me) which is really nothing more than a bar chart where each bar is set to the value of ONE and the size slider is set to max.  With that, the lines are not visible, but I adjusted the color transparency so they show through.


          As to your second question: the asterisks are because you are blending and using a discrete field as an attribute from the secondary data source.  When there are multiple values for the level of aggregation in determined in the view, the display will be the asterisk (*).


          You can show aggregated values -- e.g. MIN(Company), COUNTD(Company), etc...  Using those aggregations, you could build out a calculated field that would build a string like "Company A, Company B, and 2 others".  The logic wouldn't be too bad.


          I'm not sure I understand what you mean by showing a pill in the appropriate date?  If you mean showing each company, then it would be similar to what I described above with a calculated field.


          Hope that helps some!




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            Ashlesh Shetty

            Hi Joshua,


            I see that you have used different font color for the Marks i.e. white for date 11th and black for the rest. Can you explain how you did this?


            I have a similar view, and have used 2 different measures to show the dates(1,2,3,4 and so on) and the order quantity. I dropped both these into labels and have the same view now.


            Now i want the dates to have a black font color and the order quantity to be in white. When i edit from 'Label' in Marks shelf it changes the font color for both. How can i format them diffrently.


            Thanks in advance!