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    Live (dynamic) hourly x-axis

    Lucie Salwiczek

      For monitoring hourly customers' aktivities we created a line chart with 24 hours (hour of day) on the x-axis, and activity on the y-axis. Currently the x-axis seems fixed, hence it always starts with 01:00 and ends with 24:00 (see Table1 with dummy data as example). 


      What we need is the current (actual) hour at the end of the chart (most right).  See sample Table 2: every hour live data will be updated and the new hour should appear on the right (Table 2: 11 o'clock), while older data move to the left. The sample Table 2 shows 24 hours (x-axis), starting at 12 o'clock on day 1, ending with 11 o'clock on day 2, which would be the current (actual time). 

      Table 2.jpg


      Question: How do we get the hourly x-axis to dynamically change in accordance with hourly live data updates, so that the most actual hour is shown to the very right?  As a beginner I am grateful for any help! Thanks a million!  Lucie


      PS: currently we use Tableau 7, but soon we'll get Tableau 8