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    Pull summary info into title

    Heather Campbell

      I read an earlier post http://community.tableau.com/thread/109738  indicating that Tableau doesn't allow the summary card to be viewed in the dashboard or on the server.  I'm guessing this feature has not been added (or I can't figure out how to do it).  So I'm wondering if anyone has developed a workaround for pulling summary sheet info into the dashboard?




      I've used this thread to attempt to pull summary info into title with no luck http://community.tableau.com/thread/112249

      I feel like I've tried everything with no success - if I use the total() function my parameter seems to be ignored.  If I change my calc to discrete I don't get a sum....  I'm stuck!


      Please see attached workbook.


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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Heather,


          The reason that the parameters don't seem to be taken into account when using the total function is because the 1920's in top N% is using the index function. This is essentially only hiding the values that are not shown in the view (they are not actually being filtered out). If you place the column grand totals, you will notice that the total does not change either when moving the parameter slider. Unfortunately for your use case, I don't think that it's possible to get the value in your title, unless it is hard coded. Suggesting the summary card and/or its contents may be a good one for the Ideas in the Community!



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            Heather Campbell

            Thanks Tracy - at least I can stop beating my head against that wall!  I'll make the suggestion.


            I still need to figure out how to provide those summary counts in the dashboard so any ideas would be much appreciated!



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              Dana Withers

              Hi Heather,


              I sincerely hope that a summary card for the dashboard can be provided, because that would be so much easier and save quite a headache, but I think I actually have something working. Do double check though because I've gone cross-eyed.


              I'm calculating max of running totals of what you can see and then adding them as discrete hidden columns. Then I can add them to the summary. Amending the parameter means what you can see is changed, so the calculations follow what you have changed as well.


              I hope this helps!



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                Anthony Cho

                All my managers are asking for the quick summary to be displayed for quarterly reviews for each business segment.

                This feature is absolutely sought after.