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    Displaying Label and Data in 2 Columns

    Venkat Ramani

      Hi Everyone,


      I have a very unique problem in displaying data.


      if you see the above image the 1st Row contains field names and the 2nd Row contains the Field Values. But i want to show the Field names and values in 2 Columns. The first Column will contain the Field name and the second column the field values .


      Please let me know if this is possible using Tableau.


      Secondly i have not more issues which is the field name must be substituted with Label ( needs to be User-Friendly and easily Understandable).


      Would appreciate if someone helps me in resolving this issue.


      Thanks & Regards,



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          Joshua Milligan



          Are those fields all different measures?  If so, you could probably use the Measure Names / Measure Values fields (In the Data Window on the left, Measure Names should be the last Dimension listed and Measure Values should be the last Measure).  What happens, on a blank worksheet, if you drag Measure Names to the Rows and Measure Values to Text on the Marks card?  Also, at that point you should be able to right click Measure Names and then "Edit Aliases" (or "Default Properties" --> "Aliases", depending on what version you are using).


          If that doesn't help get you started, then it's possible that your data is structured differently than I am imagining and you may need to post a packaged workbook (with dummy data) to help me understand if there are unique issues in play.