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    Map background or multiple Layers

    Nicolas Kramer

      Dear reader,


      I have been trying (unsuccessfully) to plot both the positions of some subsidiary locations and some geo-data in the same map.


      I have been able to do this with a dual axis and some hacking (by manually adding the corresponding area_codes etc) but the result is still not the wanted one, as labels and other information start to interfere with each other.


      Another option would be to export the locations plot as an image, and use that as the background for the filled map plot. But I have not been able to accomplish this yet.


      The goal is to simply have the locations plotted in the same view as the filled map. Preferably even allowing for filters to be applied (only Food, or only Drink subsidiaries) but not having any labels interfere with the filled plot nor (preferably) the need to have a data link between both data sets (as this seems to cause trouble). Ideally there would be an option to simple plot two layers of distinct data on top of each other, maybe placing the maps on top of each other in a dashboard and keeping them linked in the same view?


      See the attached packaged file for an example data set.


      If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. Thank you for your time and efforts.




      Nicolas Kramer