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    Exporting Tableau Lat,Long points plot to use as background map

    Nicolas Kramer

      Hi All,


      I have tried and searched a lot in order to solve the following problem, but I haven't been able to find a good solution yet.


      What I have:

      • I have lat,long data of a couple of hundred building locations.
      • I have custom geocoding of "custom areas" based on the geohack.
      • I have data that allows for the color coding of these areas.


      The Goal:

      • Make a colored area map thanks to the geocoding (not that difficult, simply adding the geo role to the details, and the data to the colours) and have the couple hundred of locations plotted by their lat,long. Also it should be possible to display data labels inside the areas (percentages)


      What I have tried:

      • I tried the double latitude trick, adding dual axis to my maps. This has indeed allowed me to plot both the data, and the building locations but it only colors areas in which there is a building. If there is a custom geo area without a location, it will not be plotted. I solved this problem by also adding a "fake" centroid building in every custom area, and then filtering it out of the view. Yet this does not seem to be a fully working solution, as any label that I add to the custom geo areas, also seem to show up below each custom lat long building location.


      What I would like to try:

      • I know there is a possibility of using custom background images. In the ideal case I could plot the locations as point in tableau, export the full image, and then finding the right top,botton,left,right - latitude, longitude properties of the exported image, use this image as the new map background for my custom geocoding plots.
      • Is there any way that you can plot two "UNCONNECTED" data sets on top of the same map? If I could simply use two "layers" this problem would have been a pice of cake.
      • Fix the above problem, thus when using dual axis, to only have the labels show up on the coloured areas, but also the areas without custom buildings.


      What I don't know or seem to be able to find how:

      • To get this image of the map with points to be exported in a good large size.
      • To find the corresponding lat and longs when adding it as a background image.


      I hope I have made my problem clear. I currently cannot supply any workbooks due to the confidentiality of the data. But I can randomise some data and upload an example if anyone has the need for it.


      I thank you for your time, my regards,