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    Problems with uploading extract to my dashboard

    Kenneth Ho



      I am having problems with updating my extracts.  I keep receiving a message saying that i have an error.  Please let me know if anyone understand what it means and what is needed to fix this issue.  Thanks

      Screen shot 2013-03-28 at 3.05.58 PM.png

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          It looks like your extract which is located in your TEMP directory on your C:\ drive does not exist anymore.  You should try and designated a standard directory for your extracts, if you are the only one using the reports, putting the extracts in your My Documents/My Tableau Repository folder might make the best solution for you.


          In Tableau, in the menus you can go to Data -> (Data Connection Name) -> Extract to determine where the extract is and rebuild the extract in a new location using the extract commands.  You can go to that directory, and you should see the tableau extract file there.

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