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    Is there a way to change the first week of the year when displaying week numbers with year?

    Nate Young

      Hi all,


      I'm working on data that is displayed by week for trending, and I want to add a reference line to show where the data is mature.  If I use a date field for the week axis and format the dates in the 'yyyy Www' format, the first week of the year (2013) automatically shows as '2012 W53' (I assume because the Sunday of that week is in December of 2012).  The second week which is all in January 2013 shows as '2013 W02'.  Since we are classifying the last 2 days in 2012 as part of the first week in 2013, I'd like my charts to reflect that and have '2013 W01' for the first week instead of '2013 W53'.


      I've tried creating a string version of the weeks to display the correct IDs, but then I can't add a reference line to the chart at all. (I guess it's not allowed for a string axis).


      I've also tried a calculated date field that assigns 1/1/2013 for the days in December that we are counting toward 2013, but the week view still shows '2012 W53' for the first week of the year. 


      Am I overlooking a setting somewhere or is there some other method of doing this that I'm missing?