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    Two filters for two data sources at once?

    M Y


      I have two data sets that are duplicates of each other.  It looks like this:


      Michael Jordan32
      Larry Bird29
      Magic Johnson21


      I want to graph one bar that displays the amount of points a player scored.  I created a filter so if you choose Michael Jordan, the bar shows 32.


      On the same graph, I want to display a second bar that displays the average amount of points for a certain population.  I created a copy of the data set and unlinked them.  The second bar currently displays 27.3 (the average of all three players).  I want a second filter where I can choose any combination of the three players so the second bar will display the average of their points.  For example, if I choose Larry Bird and Magic Johnson, the second bar should show 25.


      How can I accomplish this second filter?  Currently when I try to create it, the data viz completely disappears and I get the following error:


      "The primary and secondary connections are from tables in the dsame data source.  Instead of linking the connections, use the Data menu to join the data.  Joins can integrate data from many tables and may improve performance and filtering."


      Thanks in advance!              

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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi M Y,


          The Points of one player can be compared to all players on one sheet by using a parameter and hiding certain values and pairing it with a window_avg calculation. However, two different filters won't be able to be used. I have attached a sample workbook showing this. Let me know if you have any questions. (The 'hide' dimension of the Show This Player calculation is hidden--go to Analysis>Reveal Hidden Data to see it)


          Hope this helps!