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    SEATUG: March 27 Meeting on The Accidental Analyst: Show Your Data Who's Boss & Development of Our Group

    Laurie Jones

      The Seattle Tableau User Group (SEATUG) has its next meeting tomorrow, Wednesday, March 27, in Fremont at the main office of Tableau Software. We have great presenters, Stephen and Eileen McDaniels of Freakalytics, who will speak about their book, The Accidental Analyst: Show Your Data Who’s Boss.

      The meeting will also address a TUG core issue: the development of this user group:

      What do we know about the User Group Community as it already exists at Tableau?

      How can we catalyze on our interest and energy? How can we exploit the jump we have on the rest of the world because of our proximity to Tableau?

      • Logistics: when, how and how often should we be in contact?  What are the best meeting times, forms of contact (twitter and other social media venues such as LinkedIn, Groups page) in person meeting venues?
      • Resources: what skills are you willing to share with the group? What time commitments can you make to this TUG? What knowledge are you willing to share? Who do you follow?  What hashtags etc.?
      • Value: what do you hope to get from the Tableau User Group? What can we do together to build our abilities, learn from each other, and increase our awareness of the digital/analytical/visualization/BI/data storytelling world? What can we do bring ourselves to prominence within that world? Speakers? Projects? Conferences and events of interest?


      This Wednesday some 80 people will come together around a common interest. Please take a moment and design the user group best suited to your needs. Do you have ideas about what works? A vision of what might be? Bring your ideas to share.


      Can't wait to meet you all.

      Tableau offices: 837 N 34th St #400, Seattle, WA 98103 (206) 633-3400