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    Tableau 8 Roadshow Coming to SLC!

    Cody Hatch

      Tableau officially announced that their Tableau 8 roadshow is coming to Salt Lake City on April 10th. Here is a quote from the official announcement:


      You can find the agenda for the day in the links below and the event is free! This is a great way to increase adoption within your organization, as well as, get some hands-on training for your Tableau power users. You will find that the morning session features a Tableau 8.0 overview, which is great for any executives or other individuals that can’t make the whole day.


      Here is the registration link for the Tableau 8.0 Roadshow in Salt Lake on April 10th: http://www.tableausoftware.com/learn/events/tableau-8-tour-salt-lake-city-apr10-13