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    Cluster data on map

    Alejandra Matos

      We have some *** offender data with block addresses. I got the Lat/Long coordinates so that we can plot it on a map. What I would like to do is show a cluster of points where these offenders are living. For example, there are quite a bit of them living at 1000 Currie, but I can't seem to figure out how to make this standout.  I'm attaching the excel sheet so you can see what I mean.


      Also, it's not possible to get street level search correct? For example, someone will not be able to plug in their home address and be able to find everyone who lives around them? If this isn't possible, I think it's something Tableau should look into. Makes me want to use Fusion tables, or ArcGis.


      Thanks for your help!

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          Dan Huff

          The calculation laid out here may be helpful for showing the density of offenders on a map using your data:




          Hope this helps,



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            David Andrade



            I'd drop it in by zip and create a count(Offender Name) to show the number of offenders at a particular address. Then I'd size and color on a heat map the count of offenders. I'd also add in a street view. Here's an example of what I quickly came up with.


            It would be very cool to create a dual axis where you could type in your address or even zip code, using a parameter, and a custom symbol like a thumbtack would show up on the map to tell you where you're located in relation to the offenders. Hover over the thumbtack to show the number of offenders in your zip, and any other calculated fields for a more personal look at the data.