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    days in month from cube (MSAS)

    Alfredo Vittoria

      Hi all,
      I often work with Tableau in combination with MSAS of which, however, I can not make changes in the structure and the only way to achieve this is by using different combinations calculated member.
      To date, I have to use it with the Aggregate ({[Dimension].[dimension], [Dimension].[dimension], ......}) ...
      The support of Tableau refers to experts MDX for any further information, but I can not find anything on the internet that can help me do the calculation of the daily average of a measure in the cube, using the aggregate year-month-day available between dimensions.Does anyone have a suggestion?

      Below proprties of the dimension


      Mese (Data Transazione.Data Transazione.Anno-Mese)

      Type:Hierarchy level

      Remote name: [Date Transaction].[Year-Month].[Month]

      Hierarchy :Data Transazione.Anno-Mese (Data Transazione)

      Level style: Distance from root

      Level number: 2

      Status: Valid


      Thanks in advance