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    Finding and trending duplicate records

    Marc Fernandes

      I'm analyzing an incident reporting database for a private school program that I work with.  The database is for student incident reports and has a field for Student Name, Incident Date, and Incident Time.  No two incident reports should have the same Name, Date, and Time, or it is a duplicate entry.  I want to be able to identify whether a record is a duplicate of any other incident in the database by seeing if the Student Name, Incident Date, and Incident Time fields match that of any other record.  How can I create a calculated field that checks these fields against all other records and identifies a record as a duplicate or not a duplicate?  I've done this in Excel but I am thinking it might not be possible in Tableau.  I'm hoping to take this data and graph it in various ways.  Unfortunately I don't think I can attach a sample workbook considering the confidentiality of the information and how much of a pain it would be to de-identify it.