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    Error connecting to MySQL: "Incorrect data type"

    Sten Lomme

      I juse installed Tableau Desktop on a Win 2008 server to test for a new setup. I will be connecting to the MySQL server located on the same machine. The MySQL version is 5.6.10. But when I try to connect to the MySQL database I get the Tableau error "Incorrect data type." Please see screenshot enclosed.


      I've double checked that MySQL is running and that I have admin access. I also checked the characterset on the MySQL server. It is running utf8.


      Why am I getting this error and how can I connect?


      Both MySQL Workbench and SQLyog can connect to the database without any problems.

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          Mulukutla Sarath Chandra

          Hi Sten,


          How are you trying to connect to the DB from Tableau?  Have you created a DSN? If yes, please try to connect directly from tableau by downloading drivers from Tableau link below without creating a DSN.






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            Joseph Ip

            I have the same issue when trying to connect Tableau Desktop Professional to a MySQL server running on the same machine.  I can connect to the database using a DSN, but I get the following warnings:


            Tableau identified the following warnings for the ODBC data source named 'mastertable1':

            Tableau was unable to determine support for the following: SELECT ... INTO

            This aggregation is unsupported: Attribute

            This aggregation is unsupported: Day

            This aggregation is unsupported: Hour

            This aggregation is unsupported: Median

            This aggregation is unsupported: Minute

            This aggregation is unsupported: Month

            This aggregation is unsupported: Quarter

            This aggregation is unsupported: Second

            This aggregation is unsupported: Week Number

            This aggregation is unsupported: Year

            This function is unsupported: DATETIME with parameter types 'integer'

            This function is unsupported: POWER with parameter types 'float, integer'

            This is unsupported: Temporary tables


            So I would like to connect Tableau directly to MySQL without using the DSN and see if that would get rid of the warnings. I have the driver installed that was linked on the Tableau Drivers page, which I believe is the 3.51 driver, and I also have 5.2w installed, both of which function the same if I use them through ODBC via DSN or directly through the driver, they both return the warnings above. I am running Tableau 7.0.13 on Windows XP SP3 and MySQL Server 5.6.

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              Sten Lomme

              There is an issue with Tableau 7 and the newly released MySQL 5.6.10. Tableau is considering a fix for this issue for future maintenance releases. The only solution at this time was to downgrade to MySQL 5.5.30

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                Rebecca Szper

                MySQL 5.6.10 is supported in Tableau Desktop 8.0 and later. Tableau Desktop 7.0 is not compatible with MySQL 5.6.10.

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