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    Help with Calculations




      I am not able to figure out a couple of things in the attached workbook. Can you please help take a look...


      I am trying to analyse data which shows various Consumer Numbers who can have packet losses at various times. So, Consumer 11 had a packet loss of 4 seconds with corresponding start and end time. I have come up with a few reports but I want some help formatting the results.


      1. In the first tab, I am trying to show uptime of all the consumers. What I want to add here is an average of all uptime percentages at the end. Like how a grand total is displayed, I would like to have a average of all the percentages above.
      2. In the second tab, I am trying to show when and what was the maximum packet loss and to which consumer. Here I would like to display only the max number for each consumer. Right now it is showing all max values for the start dates. But, I want to show only the Max for each consumer and its start datetime. So, for Consumer 202, I would like to display only March 4 2013 and 1:49:48.
      3. Third tab shows total packet loss for the period. Can you please check if my calculation is correct.
      4. Fourth tab I am trying to show Average packet loss by consumer. Not sure if it is correct. Can you please help check.
      5. On the fifth tab, I would like to show Aggregate Uptime percentage, something like

              (1-(TotalPacketLoss) / (NumberofConsumers * 7 * 24 * 60 * 60))

        •      I am trying to do it weekly, so the number 7 in the above equation.


      Can you please help me answer the questions.


      Thank you so much for your time..