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    Filtering rows containing a specific value

    Vaçe Küpecioğlu



      I have only 3 columns: Chain ID, Letter and Order. As data, I have one chain containing the letter 'A', one chain containing the letter 'B' and one chain containing the letter 'A' and 'B'. So in table, it looks like the following:


      What I want to do is to create a filter containing the letters ('A' and 'B') so that when I choose 'A', it only shows the chains containing the letter 'A'. But I still want to see other letters in the resulting chains. So I want the result look like this:



      When I use letter dimension in the filter drawer, it filters all the cells resulting:


      So how can I change the filters scope from cell to row? Or is there another way to achieve what I want?


      Thank you.