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    Automate Workbook Deployment

    Jeff Pressman

      I am looking at implementing a multi-tenant environment where each tenant will have their own SQL Server database. The databases will all have exactly the same schema. Our desire is to automate the deployment of a set of base workbooks and views for new tenants. So the workbooks views and data sources will all be the same with the exception of the data source connection.


      My assumption given this scenario is that I need to have a separate physical workbook for each tenant. Is that right?


      I know I can use tabcmd to automate the process of publishing a workbook and a data source.


      Would the preferred method of automation be to have my application...


        1. Copy the base workbooks I need for my new tenant
        2. Alter the tds files to change the data source connection string
        3. Issue tabcmd commands to publish the workbook and datasources


      Will this work? Are there alternatives or better approaches?