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    Modify column values based on a single dimension

    Jaime Garcia

      Hi all,

      I'm starting with Tableau and this is my first post.


      For my purpose I need just one dimension with three values on the X-axis, both left and right can be dinamically change with their respective filters.

      Just to compare two values from the same dimension.


      I've been trying many options but I couldn't get anything, perhaps by my inexperience.


      Let's see an example with an image:

      • Axis X: dimension SCENARIO with 5 possible values (Caso Base*, DN100, UP100, Flattening, Steepening)
      • Axis Y: measure (SENSIBILDAD_MV*)
      • Two filters: FIRST SCENARIO and SECOND SCENARIO, both based on the SCENARIO Dimension, one for each column.

                The value in the middle is always the same: Base*.




      So, my problem here is how to assign two different filters for each column (FIRST and SECOND SCENARIO) to compare against the Base* case.


      *These names are in spanish


      Thanks in advance,

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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Jaime,


          This can be done by creating two string parameters and a calculated field. Each string parameter will have a list of the members of the dimension (SCENARIO). Then, the calculation will look similar to the following:


          if [SCENARIO]=[Parameter 1] then [SCENARIO]

          elseif [SCENARIO]=[Parameter 2] then [SCENARIO]

          else 'Base'



          This calculation will then be placed on the columns shelf in place of SCENARIO.


          Hope this helps!