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    motion chart loses marks in first month


      Hi.  I have a motion chart spanning 3 months (attached).  I find that if there is data in all three months, the chart shows trend for the whole period.  If, however, there is data in 1st and 3rd month, but not in middle month, only the last mark is left at the end of the play function.  All marks for 1st month disappear.  I would expect there to be no line from 1st to 3rd, as this would indicate data in 2nd, however, marks disappearing for 1st month is misleading as the lines for other rows indicate that data for the entire period is represented.e.g. in the attached (had to remove headers for privacy) the 3rd row and last row both had data for November.  However, when compared to the other rows, the chart suggests there was nothing for the whole 3 month period.  Does anyone know how to get the marks to stay for the first month?