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    Selection of one chart should make Deselection of another chart.....

    manish kumar

      Hi All.

      I have Two dashboard. First dashboard contains multiple charts.Other chart is target for selection of chart from first dashboard.

      My requirement is :- if i select a single chart from first dashboard then it is letting me to reach on second dashboard.

      Now i come back on first dashboard ,so till now first chart is in selection mode only.Now i select second chart,again second dashboard is open.

      Again i return to first dashboard,this time both the chart are in selection mode.

      I want first chart to get deselected on selection of second chart.


      please help me in this reagrd.

      Thanks In advance

      see in picture:-



      Here bar in chart 1 and 2 both are in selected mode.On selecting 2nd ,1st should get deselected.

      Manish Kumar