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    Graph issues

    Jackie Klein

      Any idea how I can convert this to a Line graph and show it as one graph - not separate graphs by site?  So for example, the data for December 2012 would show a green line for Charlotte at a height of 92%, red line for Jacksonville lower at 71%, Los Angeles higher at 93%, etc?  I have had quite a time just getting it do this point due to blended data.  The reference line labels are showing the values (92%, 71%, 93%, etc.) that I want to graph. 




      Parameter Dummy.png


      Reference Line for Dummy.png


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          Shawn Wallwork

          Jackie, please widen out your first screen shot so we can see how your data is structured. Thanks,



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            Jackie Klein

            Thanks Shawn, I widened the first screen shot. 

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              Shawn Wallwork

              Try this:

              1. Go to Show Me and click the line chart type.
              2. Now take SITE_TEXT off the row shelf.


              That should do it. You should have a line chart, with a line for each individual city.



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                Jackie Klein

                Thanks... when I click on the Show Me and then the Line-discrete (because it won't let me select Line-Continuous, the result is the screen below.  I lose the original values that were computed by the Reference Line - (92%, 71%, 93%, etc.).




                Also, I tried just changing the Bar to Line under "Marks" to the left and it shows the following (same thing - I lose the original Reference Line values).



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                  Shawn Wallwork

                  Jackie, without playing around with it, I'm not sure I can help. Sorry,



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                    Sudam Shetty

                    Jackie,  What are you trying to show with the % of Total Distinct Count of CUST_ID ?

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                      Jackie Klein

                      The % of Total Distinct Count of CUST_ID shows the % of total distinct Customers from each site. 


                      In this view, I'm only "Keeping" Customers that have a MET_GOALS_REV (# Goals Met) value of 3 or 4 because that's what I'm interested in Graphing.  So each site adds up to 100% as follows:



                      Charlotte - Dec 2012

                      % of Customers who meet 1 Goal = 2%
                      % of Customers who meet 2 Goals = 6%

                      % of Customers who meet 3 Goals = 52%

                      % of Customers who meet 4 Goals = 40%

                      Total                                             100%


                      The total of 3 & 4 is 92% (52% + 40%) - that is what I'm trying to graph.

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                        Sudam Shetty

                        Try these steps:


                        1. Remove Parameter: Dummy from the rows shelf

                        2. Remove SITE_TEXT from Rows shelf

                        3. In the Marks shelf change mark type from bar to line

                        4. Right click on CNTD(CUST_PERSON_ID) in the rows shelf and choose 'Edit Table Calculation'

                        5. For  'Summarize the values from' choose Advanced

                        6. When the Advanced popup opens, Move [Month, Day, Year of PERIOD_REP] to the Compute Using section on the right

                        7. Close all popus with OK or APPLY


                        Let me know if this works

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                          Jackie Klein

                          Thanks Sudam, I tried those steps and here is the result - shows 100%.



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                            Sudam Shetty

                            Can you try clearing the the Level of Detail shelf  and removing MET_GOAL from the column shelf

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                              Jackie Klein

                              Getting closer - but the percentages don't match what are shown on the original graph.


                              For example, Winston Salem is showing 68.29% for August, and should be 100%.


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                                Sudam Shetty

                                Jackie, Why did you have AGG(MET_GOAL on the columns shelf in your original view? Not sure if that is causing any inconsistency. Would be difficult to tell without looking at the actual data.



                                Heres what I would do. Right click on the tab name at the bottom and select duplicate as cross tab. Once you have the datasheet view, try modifying the CNTD(CUST_PERSON_ID) field so you have accurate percentages. The problem you are facing is not a formatting issue, Its the way Tableau calculates % of total distinct IDs

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                                  Jackie Klein

                                  I had AGG(MET_GOAL on the columns shelf as I wasn't sure if I need it to keep only the "3/4" values for this field.  The values don't change whether I keep it on the columns shelf or not.


                                  Also... do I need to do anything with the "Percentage of" in the Analysis menu?  It is currently set to "Column in Pane".

                                  I've tried playing with both the Analysis menu and the CNTD(CUST_PERSON_ID) field to get the accurate percentages with no luck.  I tried that even before posting this.  The line graph above is the closest I've gotten however to what I want.



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                                    Sudam Shetty

                                    The percentage of should be set to 'None'

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