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    How to show up/down arrow (shape) based on trend?




      I'm trying to create a "ticker" that resembles a stock ticker that shows a percent difference between Current Volume YTD compared to 2012 Volume YTD. I have the percentage working correctly, but I'd love to have an arrow out beside the percentage that changes based on whether we are trending up or down. The up trend would be a green arrow and the down would be a red arrow.


      You can see what I've done with the attached workbook (I'm working in V8 Beta.) In the upper left of the "Branch Dashboard" is where you will find the ticker I'm referring to. Currently I have a static image showing there to mock up the way I want it to function (this is a floating object so it may not appear correctly to those not in Beta8). Is there a way to change the image being shown to a red arrow when the number goes negative?