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    Multiple Total Rows

    Shawn McClory

      I am relatively new to Tableau and I have a challenging report that my team is building and we seem to be pushing the limits of Tableau at each turn.  My latest challenge is trying to figure out how to add multiple sub-total rows (beyond the menu option for sub-totals).  Below is a rough idea of what I want to display in a grid.  (Our visuals will come later.  ) 


      In this example there are two categories (hierarchy)  Each communication category will have multiple communications with in it.  I want to not only use the built in sub-totals, but also display the % to Total under the Sub total.  This is not an optional requirement, so I need to figure out if this is possible.


      The numbers below are the total number of mailings for each Category


      My questions are:  Is this possible?

      If so how?


      Customer Communication Category: Mailings:

      communication 1    100

      Communication 2    200

      Total:    300

      % to Total: 30%

      Customer Communication Category: Emails::

      Communication 5  400

      Communication 6  300

      Total:  700

      % to Total:  70%


      Grand Total: 1000


      Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide!   If you need additional information please let me know.