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    dynamic titles as shapes


      Hi everyone, I was hoping I could get some guidance.


      I have a dashboard that displays data for 4 countries in Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Rwanda). On this dashboard is a map of these countries and titles that change when I click on one of the countries on a map.


      To create the dynamic titles, I designed title images in photoshop and created a sheet where these title images are assigned to corresponding countries as shapes. I'm having no problems getting the titles to change when I click on the corresponding country on the map. The problem is I would like to have a default title image when none of the countries are clicked on the map. I have the title image that says "East Africa" designed already, but can't figure out how to make sure this "East Africa" title image is the default title image as well as the title image that appears when one doesn't not have any countries selected in the map.