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    Trying to get a handle on secure extracts on Tableau Server.

    Toby Erkson

      Note: When I write "secure connection" or "secure data source" I mean that it requires credentials to access it.  So this means only people with the proper credentials can see the data or report.


      Okay, bear with me, I'm trying to understand secure extracts, scheduling, and workbooks on Tableau Server as the documentation has the process fragmented and not in a flowing, step-by-step description.


      Here's the situation

      User has a fully-functional workbook that uses an extract (of an Oracle data source) in the workbook (saved to their computer) and publishes it to the server.  The extract fails to update on the server.  My guess is due to the location of the extract as it's a path on their desktop and not the Tableau Server.


      I've read the documentation but I don't grasp EXACTLY how it all works and I need to know this so I can relay it to my end users.

      This is what I understand it to be:

      1.  User connects to secure data source, builds query, and publishes it to the server.

      2.  User now builds a workbook and points it to the data source just published on the server.  User then publishes their workbook to the server and sets scheduling.



      A) Is the above correct?  If not, please correct.


      B) If the user has scheduling on a workbook they publish, is it the extract or the workbook that gets refreshed?  Or are the extracts put on a schedule when they are published (step #1 above) and the workbook is simply updated at the scheduled time with whatever state the extract may be in?



      C)  The published extracts are visible on the server but we only want authorized user access to them so how does this work?  If we have credentials embedded so the scheduled extracts work what keeps others from using the extract?