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        Richard Leeke

        Thanks for that. I was expecting that answer - but just wanted to check that your situation really does match the others - there's nothing worse than thinking you are chasing one problem and finding out there are actually two different issues.


        I developed and tested it on Windows 7, 64 bit, so at least I'm on the same platform. I'll have to do some more creative Googling to come up with ideas of where to look next...

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          Richard Leeke

          I've just put version 1.0.8 in the usual place. This won't fix the issue, but I have tried even harder to capture some diagnostics about why it is failing. No guarantees as I don't know what the issue is, so can't recreate the problem.

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            Allan Walker

            Hi Richard,


            I tested 1.0.8 yesterday evening and put some results up here, looks like everything is working fine.  I do have local admin rights over my box.

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              Richard Leeke

              Thanks for confirming that I haven't broken it again, Allan! I do try to give it a quick test before posting a new version, but I certainly don't have a rigorous QA process in place!


              I'm now just interested to see if it finally gives any clues about what is breaking for the people who can't get it to work. It's most frustrating not being able to reproduce their problems.

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                Richard Leeke

                Hi Jubal


                There is no way to represent "inner rings" with Tableau's polygon mark types, I'm afraid. The best you can do is overlay another polygon on top representing the place where the hole should be. So you would need to organise your data so that you could sort on something to ensure that the polygon for Lesotho was on top.


                Tableau's internal representation of filled maps does support inner-rings, of course, so that is one of the things that tabgeohack allows you to do that shapetotab (or any way of creating the polygons) doesn't support.


                There is an example of the overlaid polygon approach in the third tab of the workbook embedded in the original post on this thread (sheet Filled Maps vs Polygons), and a few more notes about it in  the text.


                Hope that helps.



                Edit: Jubal seems to have deleted his question between when I saw it and when I got around to answering.

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                  PATRICK GELLENS

                  Sorry guys to bother you but I would like to stop following this discussion (interesting by the way).

                  I tried to click on unfollow ("suivre" in french) link with the green sign + but it doesn't work. I miss something. Thank you in advance,

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                    Dustin Smith

                    Hi Patrick,


                    What happens when you select "stop email notifications" from the Viz Talk main page (right hand side a little ways down)?  Does that address the issue you're seeing?



                    1-28-2013 6-51-34 AM.png

                    • 142. Re: Grow your own Filled Maps
                      PATRICK GELLENS

                      Ok Dustin, I will try but I think I had already made this.

                      As you can see in my screen capture in my previous message, I had "recevoir des avis par email" meaning "receive email notifications"

                      If I click on it I have a green bar message with : you will receive message for this discussion

                      • 143. Re: Grow your own Filled Maps
                        Dustin Smith

                        Hi Patrick,


                        You're right, sorry I missed that.  Let me check something on the backend and get back to you.  Okay if I email you directly with a possible fix?




                        • 144. Re: Grow your own Filled Maps
                          PATRICK GELLENS

                          no problem, thanks

                          • 145. Re: Grow your own Filled Maps
                            Cathy Bridges

                            Simply brilliant! You've made me and my boss quite happy!!

                            • 146. Re: Grow your own Filled Maps
                              Ben Willison



                              I'm interested to know if anyone has been able to overlay a points layer on top of custom regions in Tableau created using tabgeohack. To reiterate, I have:

                              • Created custom regions using tabgeohack for Australian LGA's - working in Tableau perfectly. I want to use these regions to show heat maps of basic demographic data.
                              • Now I have a set of 25 service locations which I would like to overlay on top of those heatmaps. So I have an excel file with service name and latitude/longitude. I just can't work out a way of having these display on the same map.


                              I have seen some posts about dual axes map options where you duplicate the latitude for example, but that only works when the tables are joined. I'm not sure how to go about this with tabgeohack custom regions...


                              If anyone has some insight I would be extremely grateful!!




                              • 147. Re: Grow your own Filled Maps
                                Richard Leeke

                                You will need to import the positions of your service locations as custom geocoding, as well as the LGAs. The service locations will just be points, so you don't need tabgeohack for that - just create a file mapping the unique IDs of the service locations to lat and long and include that in the custom geocoding directory along with the LGAs before you import the custom geocoding.


                                Then in your view, you will need to set the geographic role of your service centre ID and create a dual axis map with either the Latitude (generated) or Longitude (generated) column duplicated and have LGA code on LoD for one axis and service centre code on LoD for the other. Set the mark type to filled map for the LGA and whatever point mark type you want for the Service Centre.


                                I've attached an example showing how to do the dual axis bit with Superstore Sales.


                                Points on Filled.PNG


                                I'm pretty sure you can't achieve this with generated latitude and longitude (i.e. geocoding) for one axis and actual lat and lon columns for the other axis.


                                Post some sample data if you get stuck.

                                • 148. Re: Grow your own Filled Maps
                                  Ben Willison

                                  Hi Richard,

                                  Thanks so much for your prompt response! I have only now had a chance to have a go at that solution and I've got it working.

                                  All your hard work with this tool and your knowledge of Tableau is extraordinary!


                                  All the best.


                                  Thanks and regards,


                                  • 149. Re: Grow your own Filled Maps
                                    Rajagopalan C

                                    Hi Richard,


                                    I congratulate you guys on the thread and its anniversary.


                                    I am a tableau newbie and have been experimenting with the various tableau views since a month.


                                    I am about to get started on filled maps.


                                    Question to you - While I have read a number of posts about this, including those related to bugs, I would be happy if you could guide me (through a link) what is the process (NOW) that works best for running filled maps.


                                    Good Day.


                                    -- Raj

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