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    How to make a set independent of how the set was created?

    Mike Greening

      My data contains about 10,000 users for a game, each of which have hundreds of rows of data where each row represents an event the user has taken.  Each row also contains their user ID in the user ID column, and their current level in in the "level" column.


      I'm creating a set of users that have performed the "purchase" event by first creating a calculated field:


      IF [event]="purchase" THEN [userID] END


      then creating a set from that calculated field, by right clicking on the field and selecting "Create Set".


      I am then using the set in a view with "level" pill in the Columns, and the set of the players that have performed the "purchase" event in the Rows.  I'm expecting each of those players to have data at each level they have ever been at, but what I'm getting is only the level at which they performed the "purchase" event.


      Why is Tableau referencing the "purchase" event when the set is used in other views?  I only want the list of userID's.  Is there a way to make the set independent of how it was obtained?