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    Flashing icons on a map

    Massimiliano Colombo


      I have a dataset that contains information about shops that I visualize on a map.

      Every shop has  associated budget and I have to highlight the icon referring to those shops that has a budget above a threshold.

      I would like to create the graphical effect of “flashing” icons.

      I’ve tried to use a GIF image but it doesn’t work.

      Is it possible to obtain something like this with Tableau?



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          Robin Kennedy



          Have you tried installing the Tableau Christmas Tree add-in?


          In all seriousness, I don't think you will ever be able to do this in Tableau (not without doing a lot of hacking anyway). Tableau tries to guide users down a path for visual best practice, as described by leaders of the industry, and flashing icons are generally not approved of in this school of thought.


          Perhaps there is a better way for you to highlight shops where budget has exceeded their threshold? Personally, I would think that if every shop on your map had a black mark, which turned red when the budget exceeded the threshold that would be more than enough to highlight the problem locations. This is easy to achieve in Tableau by creating a calculated field that evaluates the condition. For example, something like [Budget] > [Threshold] would produce a True / False which you can put on the Color shelf


          Hope that helps

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            Shawn Wallwork

            Massimiliano, this probably isn't what you're looking for, but maybe it will give you some ideas. (See attached.)



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              Toby Erkson

              Holy Cow!  I don't sling viz's for a year and now look at what I missed!  That is so freakin' cool, Shawn!!


              So many questions...are the calendars dynamically populated (give year, it returns proper dates)?  Placement, moving highlight bar for the week?  Transparent annotations (out patient services at the top), was this in version 6?  Too cool, must breathe...breathe...

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                Shawn Wallwork

                I've always wondered where that "Holy Cow" saying came from, but happy to get one every once in awhile. Freakin' cool is also appreciated.


                Some answers

                • Calendar pages are images used as custom shapes. So each year I'll have to do a new set, but they're not that much work to make. [The drop shadow is a separate image/shape.]
                • Placement is the hard (tedious) part. Each item has it's own lat/long assigned. [Lot of trial and error to get the position right.]
                • The moving highlight bar(s) are actually 20 or so shapes assigned the same image, but positioned differently and then they are turned on/off based on the date. Which is what happens with all the other icons that come and go. I think the moving bar probably took the most time.
                • Version 6 was when I made this, guess I hadn't revisited it in awhile [although I did test it in 8 today and everything works fine, thanks Francois et. al.]
                • That title is just an annotation:




                It worked well for the client, the Media Director at an ad agency. She was able to see what boards were where and when, and then make adjustments to her buy to get more consistent coverage. The good news for me was that most Outdoor Advertising companies have the lat/longs for all their boards, so I didn't have to do that work.


                Anyway glad you like it Toby.




                EDIT: BTW, I'm pretty sure Richard help me get the multi-table join worked out. Back then we did a lot of map work together.

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                  Toby Erkson

                  Origin:  Holy cow!

                  That viz must have been a lot of work, especially those calendars, wow. 

                  Yeah, brain-fart on the annotation by me, dee-dee-deeee! 


                  Again, nice work.