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    URL Parameterization in tabcmd

    Nicole Xavier

      I'm using Tableau Desktop 7.0.2 and Tableau Server 7.0.x


      The PPT on URL Parameterization specifically discusses passing filter values along with the URL.  I've noticed I can also set parameter values in the URL and it works in a web browser.  Looking at the Real Estate sample that came with Tableau Server, I can pull up a png image of the Mortgage Payment Calculator with Interest Rate set to 5% and Loan Term to 40 (default was set at 4.5% and 30).  Both of those are parameters rather than filters.





      However, this does not work with tabcmd. It gives the png with the parameters set to the default.


      tabcmd get "http://xxServerxx/views/RealEstate/MortgagePaymentsCalculator.png?Interest%20Rate=.05&Loan%20Term=40" -f "TestingGET.png" --timeout 500


      Is there any way to get this to work in tabcmd?  Or is there some other way to get an automated process to download numerous images with different parameter values set?


      Thanks in advance!