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    Custom tabcmd Refresh

    Mark Bingham

      Hi, I believe this question has not been addressed elsewhere, and may be more straightforward than I think (as I have basically no experience with tabcmd). 


      Anyway, here it is:  I am looking to schedule a full extract refresh on a highly customized date logic.  The refresh will need to take place 10 days after the last Sunday of the month. 


      This, of course, always falls on a Friday, but it is not necessarily always the first Friday of the month.  I would like to know if there is any guidance available on creating this command in tabcmd and what the date logic might look like?

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          Toby Erkson

          10 days after the last Sunday would be a Wednesday...

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            Mark Bingham

            Excuse me - 10 business days (or weekdays).

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              Joshua Milligan

              Hi Mark!


              I'm sure the date logic could be written in a batch script.  But it might be easier, in the script that calls tabcmd, to have a list (or separate file) of dates and check to see if the current date is contained in that list and use that as a condition of whether or not to execute the refresh.  You should be able to find examples of that kind of batch logic online.


              I found a SQL script and modified it, so that it generates a list of dates that fits your logic.  I've attached the resulting dates.  You might double check my results.  Here's the SQL script:


              SELECT CAST(DATEADD(DAY, 10, (DATEADD(day, DATEDIFF(day,'19000107', DATEADD(month, DATEDIFF(MONTH,0,First_Day_Of_Month), 30))/7*7,'19000107'))) AS DATE)



                                  SELECT '01/01/2013' AS month_date

                                  UNION ALL

                                  SELECT '02/01/2013' AS month_date

                                  UNION ALL     

                                  SELECT '02/01/2013' AS month_date

                                  UNION ALL




                        ) m


              Message was edited by: Joshua Milligan I realized you said last Sunday, not Saturday.  I've attached a different file and updated the script inline.

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                Joshua Milligan

                I just noticed you added "business days".  That would change the above a little.

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                  Mark Bingham

                  Thanks Joshua!  Although that wasn't the specific command I was loooking for, I think it is the most straightforward solution to my problem.  Thanks for helping me think outside the box!