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    Forums Digest Weekly #5

    Shawn Wallwork

      First thanks Joe for taking the time to repost FDW #5 below. As you know I was struggling with linking and editing issues. This has lead me to establishing a WordPress blog site, which I'll use to post the digest each week. Dustin has offered to continue posting links to FDW, and I'll post a splash screen here in Viz Talk each week so you'll know where to find it, and who is mentioned. For now here's the link to #5:




      Let me know what you think, and if everything is working. Also can sign up for email alerts there if you want.



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          Joe Mako

          Here is Shawn Wallwork's content fixed to work in the forum:






          Hard to get going on this week’s FDW after Friday’s tragedy. It seems so unimportant. But I can’t sit around forever alternately horrified, angry, and depressed. So in search of some ‘normalcy’, here’s this week’s FDW….


          Tribute to Tracy

          This past week Tracy Rodgers passed the 10,000 point mark. She is and has been the #1 contributor to the forums for quite a while now. Tracy has been slamming out forum answers every week since the ‘new’ forums debuted. Whether you have a Newcomer question, a more difficult one, or a question with multiple possibilities, Tracy will most likely have your answer. The forum power-users really appreciate all her efforts, because this frees us to cherry pick all the really fun questions/puzzles. Tableau thanks for giving us Tracy, she is a huge asset to the forums!


          Week’s Shameless Plug

          Richard Leeke recently wrote:  “So maybe you don't need to keep lobbying for your map scale idea, Shawn - just add your weight to the Parameter Populated on Extract & Set Current Value by Action - that would open up so many more possibilities...” Needless to say anytime Richard, Joe Mako and Jonathan Drummey all pretty much agree on something, it’s worth checking out -- and voting for! [Richard, this is me adding my weight to this Idea especially since it includes map scales. ]


          Week’s Best Tip by a Newcomer

          This week instead of doing a newcomer’s tip, I thought I’d switch it up a bit and post the best tip by a newcomer. Dean Hewitt only joined the forums on Nov. 22 this year, yet he has posted a good example of how to duplicate a data source, and then blend these together to get the results Matthew Petrich was looking for, we think. What do you think Matthew? Dean also posted well detailed solution to Bob Lambert’s question. Thanks for handing out the Green Star Bob, it’s what we live for!


          Server Talk

          Dustin Smith thinks this post by last week’s featured contributor Tamas Foldi is pretty cool. Tamas gives you a step-by-step recipe for adding your own page to Tableau Server’s portal. I won’t pretend I know what he’s talking about, but you Server folks might find it useful. Here’s another post by Tamas that’s getting some push-back. It deals with writing back to a database. Lastly, here’s a question about moving workbooks between Server sites that Russell Christopher has some thoughts on.


          Odds & Ends

          Alex Kerin took the time to post six different replies to a question Yan Wu posted more than a week ago. Hey Yan, where did you go? Did this work for you? [FYI: We love green stars; we hate the dreaded ‘Assumed Answered’.]


          Grow Your Own

          No not cannabis, filled maps. Grow Your Own Filled Maps is still going strong nearing 6,000 views and 92 comments. This is far and away the most popular Viz Talk. Only Andy Cotgreave's Twitter Harvesting viz has managed to crack the 2,000 views mark coming in a distant second. This week Richard posted another sample workbook using his mapping tools.


          Week’s Featured Conversation

          I admit I was the one who instigatedThe specified item was not found., but I also got the worst of it. Little did I know that dissing text tables would cause such a ruckus (well maybe I did). I did learn a few things about what Tableau can do that Excel can’t. Thanks for that kettan.


          Google Hangouts

          Richard introduced me to Google hangouts this week, very cool. It has excellent voice-over-IP, and reasonably good screen sharing functionality. We spent an hour or so going through some of his workbooks. Unlike WebEx, Hangouts is free. I mention this in case any forum folks are interested in hanging out. Just let me/us know


          [Note: Since this is late I'm going to post this now, but will be adding more to it later. Check back tomorrow.]



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            Joe Mako

            BTW Shawn, I am not sure if Dean Hewitt is a Newcomer. It is likely that he has multiple accounts now just like many of us.


            Did you know I have two accounts too?

            Joe Mako


            Joe Mako


            I wonder if Dustin Smith will be able to resolve this Data Quality issue.

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              Dean Hewitt



              Yes, I did have two accounts: work & personal.  Now that I have changing jobs I have just the personal one.  And tine to contribute back to Tableau while looking for my next job.  In the meantime I am finding the best way to learn tableau is answer questions on the forum. 




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                Eric McDonald

                Stars? So what are stars for? Am I supposed to rate other people's posts or to rate my own? Noticed you get a green star on "Correct Answer". Just learning...!

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                  Dustin Smith

                  Joe - it's because we liked you so much we figured two was better than one.   jk


                  Just shot you an email on this.

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                    Toby Erkson

                    Heh...I had three:

                    Toby Erkson:  http://community.tableau.com/people/tobyerkson

                    It looks like my other account, Reporting Monkey, was blended into that account.  "Reporting Monkey" came from my Cognos days, when BI for end users was so easy a monkey could do it.  Now that I'm in Cognos 10 I can't say that without laughing uncontrolably.


                    Since I'm moving 'tween companies I've decided to have a personal [forum] account which I keep separate from any corporate account I happen to be in:  http://community.tableau.com/people/toby.erkson.0

                    In this volatile business world it makes more sense.

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                      Toby Erkson


                      Are you going to post the prior FDWs to your blog site?

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                        Shawn Wallwork

                        Good question. Do you think it's worth it?



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                          Joe Mako

                          Yes totally worth it, it would be great to have all your great content collections in one place.

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                            Toby Erkson

                            heeheehee, here's my current corporate Tableau account:


                            That makes four!    (Tab. forum admins, please do NOT merge this account with my forum account!)


                            Yes, it makes perfect sense to put all prior FDWs there, especially since there's only four prior ones   It will make the blog complete and then I will add it to my bookmark folder of my list of Tableau user sites.

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                              Shawn Wallwork

                              OK, it'll give me something to do over holiday weekend. [Wife's is going to love that!]