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    Citrix Tableau Desktop

    Jac Thiessen

      Has anyone successfully installed Tableau Desktop in a Citrix environment?  Any particular issues?  Specific pros/cons that you have found?  Is there anything special you need to setup or configure for authentication to a Tableau Server data source?  Thank you for your input.

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          Kelly Figueroa

          With the new Virtual Desktop option in Tableau 10.5,  we have installed Tableau Desktop on Citrix and produced both XenApp and XenDesktop options here at Tableau.  We used MCS to create Machine Catalogs and tested both vDisk and non vDisk.  Roaming profiles are set for each user to assist with Registration issues.  Each user will be able to activate their own key using the Virtual Desktop option explained here:


          Configure Virtual Desktop Support

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            Sandeep Nayak

            Hi Kelly Figueroa,


            Need some help/inputs to configure Tableau Desktop client 10.5 on Citrix provisioned Xenapp 7.14 environment.

            I have followed the steps as mentioned in this article.Configure Virtual Desktop Support.


            We have ~500 XA servers which has been provisioned by PVS image. And users will redirect to any of these server pool. Is there a way to activate the tableau license once and that user can access the application wherever it redirects his session with in the server pool. Or every time user need to activate the licenses.


            Also, is there any activation related info(in xml,license file) will be written on users appdata or any other path. So that I can push this data during user logon.



            Environment details:

            Citrix - XA7.14 on win server 2012 r2

            PVS- Provisioned image versions

            User Profile management: RES aka Ivanti workspace control


            Thank you.

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              Kelly Figueroa

              If users will redirect to any of these 500 servers, then when an end user is directed to a new VM, they will get the prompt to activate.  It is not possible to activate once and that information is retained with any server in a pool.  We do tie the activation to the VM UMN id.  When a UMN changes, the prompt to activate will occur.  The new license option for virtual desktop removes the need to deactivate and the maximum activation error will no longer occur.


              In the environment described, the duration setting should be at the lowest, 12 hours.  To improve the end user experience, the activation can be scripted (tableau.exe -activate <product_key>), on the launch of Tableau.  There are some Citrix discussions on the best way to run a script when launching an application.  I have seen discussions on running start-up scripts for users.

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                Sandeep Nayak

                Thank you for an update Kelly!!  will give a try and let here know the outcome.


                Also there will be a 'MasterKey' concept for tableau license activation. Will that help us in our environment or the activation process will be same with master key.

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                  Kelly Figueroa

                  Hi Sandeep!


                  The "master key" concept is granted on a case by case basis with a discussion started with the Tableau Account Manager and the Tableau License Team.  The use of one key for all users will only change how the script to activate is written.  Without one key for all, the script would have to scan an XML or Excel file to locate the user and obtain the assigned key.  With one key, there is no need to identify what key a specific user should be activating with.


                  I hope that helps!

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                    Nirmal Thangarasu

                    Hi Kelly,


                    if we set ATRRequestedDurationSeconds to 12hrs, in case user logoff and login back with in 12hrs might end up in any of the XenApp servers in the pool. Dont they have any problem with activation?


                    Or do we need to release license key, before user can access Tableau from new XenApp server?





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                      Kelly Figueroa



                      The license key never has to be deactivated or "released" with using the virtual desktop option - one of the benefits!