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    How to show the number of players at a particular level?

    Mike Greening

      I'm working with data from a social game.  I've got a distinct count of players in the row shelf and MAX(level) in the column shelf.  The resulting view, of course, is a single data point at the total number of players and the highest level that any of those players has achieved (32 in this case).


      This makes sense to me, but what I'm after is to see a bar chart of the count of players at each level from 1 to 32 that represents the maximum level that those players achieved.  I'm definitely a Tableau newbie - any ideas?


      Thanks!  Unfortunately I can't post a copy of my workbook for confidentiality reasons.  If it helps to parse out some data to make a small sample file to better illustrate what I'm after, please let me know and I will do so.