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    Outline the US in the map view without using the "Base" options

    Laura Dunn

      I am trying to create a map that represents the amount of funding each US state received from a particular program.  Those states that have no data are white, and those with funding are on a sequential color scale (blue) based on the amount received.  I would like to export this image, but capure only the US (no land cover, no ocean, no labels).


      Using the map options, I have been able to eliminate the Land Cover, the Country/State names, etc.  However, even if I have "Country Borders" selected, some of the east/west coast borders do not appear (if those states have no data), unless I have the "Base" map option selected.  I do not want to select "Base" because I do not want the ocean blue or the non-funded states to appear gray at all (since it ruins the asthetics of my image).


      Is there a way to truly add a country border around the entire US, regardless of the data for the states? (i.e. not have the states bleed into the white ocean space?)


      I have attached images to demonstrate the issue.  Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.


      Borders Problem.jpg














      Borders Problems -- with Base.jpg

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          Shawn Wallwork



          Interesting. The 'country' borders aren't working the way you and I thought they would have. I guess Oregon doesn't really have a 'border' with another country so it's not given a border with the ocean. You can clearly see this behavior with the state of Texas: border with Mexico, but not with the Gulf of Mexico. This might be something Ian & Jake would want to take a look at:




          The work-around is of course to add all the states to your viz and then assign white to all zero values and washout Urban Maps altogether.



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            Jake Baillie

            Easy answer: Use the "Gray" map style. It should get you close to where you want to be.


            Hard answer: If we have a country outline for the US rendered you can hack your TMS file and add it as a layer. I'd have to look if we do.


            Can you start by trying the Gray map style and seeing if you like it?

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              Laura Dunn

              Hi Jake!


              I tried the Gray map, but I would still have to use the "Base Layer" to get the coastal borders to appear, and I was trying to avoid having any gray shading in states that have zero funding, so that it does not look like they have the "least amount," but that it is actually zero (the white contrast is better to show this).


              I am going to also try what Shawn suggested and just add in placeholders of "$0" in funding for the states I don't have any data for to see if the coastal borders will appear then (as white).


              Jake -- if you do find a country outline layer rendered for the US, it would be great if you could send that my way!


              Thank you!!