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    Web publish with different access levels

    Roy Roy


      I have made a report that I would like to publish to a large number of customers (who are, in my case, vendors).

      This poses two problems:

      1. I need a platform for publishing it to a large number of viewers (about 100)

      2. I want each vendor (the viewers) to be able to see only his own data. There is an attribute field in the data that contains the vendor ID, and I want the data he can get to be filtered by this attribute to his own vendor ID.


      The idea is not to buy 100 licences but to have a web interface that can be viewed by them, filtered according to their vendor ID.

      Another thing is that I want the query to be executed in real-time from the database.

      I have heard there's a product called Tableau Public Premium that can be useful to my purpose.


      Any suggestion would be welcomed



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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Roy,


          Tableau Public Premium gives you the ability to publish views to the public web. However, you are not able to control who sees what views--there are no permissioning features. Tableau Server would be a better option here--use filters or individual permissions can be set.


          For more information on Tableau Public Premium: http://www.tableausoftware.com/products/public#tableau-public-premium



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            Dustin Smith

            Hi Roy,


            Given your requirements, Tableau Server sounds like the best option here.  The two critical parts that make Tableau Public Premium probably not a good fit are:


            1.  Limited audience to only vendors

            2.  Live real-time data connection


            Public Premium allows for you to secure the data behind a view (remove the download button - example), but the visualization is still wide open for anyone to see.  There is no concept of logins or authentication for viewers so it's not a good solution for sharing proprietary or confidential data.


            Public Premium also does not have a live data connect capability - in memory extracts only.  The nice thing about this though is that since updating extracts in Tableau is a 3 click process, many Public Premium users find that even if their data is updating everyday, manually refreshing their extracts and republishing to their  account has a minimal impact on their day.


            Hope this helps.  Happy to answer anymore questions.